• Fine Motor Skills
    -refers to movements that require a high degree of control and precision. These skills may include drawing shapes, writing, cutting with  scissors, using  utensils for eating. 
    Activities related to fine motor development
    -Playing with shaving creme or kool whip, allow your child to draw shapes, letters or numbers in shaving creme or kool whip that has been spread out on a table of other surface.
    -Playing with lacing cards, lacing beads, string macaroni for a necklace, using squirt bottles to trace over chalk letters, and using tongs to pick up cotton balls.
    -Playing with playdough hide items such as coins, beads, nuts or bolts in playdough. Ask your child to pull and pinch in the playdough to take the hidden items out..
    -Trace shapes onto construction paper, or thin pieces of foam, have your child cut the shapes out. These thicker pieces allow your child  to have  control with cutting into the material and not have the paper rip. This will help them improve their scissor skills.
    -Games that can develope fine motor skills are Lite Brite, Trouble, Mancala, or Lego's. All of these games and toys  promote fine motor development. Your child will need to pinch these pieces to put them into place.
    -Play with cooked spaghetti, or Wiki stix  have your child to make letters, numbers and shapes. This helps your child to learn how to form letters, number and shapes appropriately.
    -Use clothes pins around a plastic container for hand strengthening. Have your child pinch the clothes pins between their thumb and forefinger to help with hand strengthening.