• Occupational Therapy Department
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    Writing is a complex task that involves much more than just holding a pencil or pen. It requires good head and shoulder stability to position the forearm and wrist correctly, adequate touch skills to feel the position of the pencil in the hand, and visual perception skills to see and form letters correctly. Many children have problems with handwriting because difficulties in one or more of these areas.   Sited from www.schoolspecialty.com                                  
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    Children who spend more time crawling tend to have better fine motor  abilities and writing skills. Some other ways to strengthen hands include: hanging from a  monkey bar, playing with putty or playdough, wheelbarrow walking, playing in the sand, and making homemade bread (dough). Sited from www.schoolspecialty.com
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  • Our School 7 occupational therapist and occupational therapy assistants are here to help the educational team and parents. They help to support a student’s ability to participate in  daily school
    activities or “occupations.” They help children/students by supporting their academic achievement and promoting positive behaviors necessary for learning. This is done in a variety of ways. As you can see  listed on the side are areas that OT's work in. There are listed activities along with explanations  to help you understand the  skills  your child works on in OT. This will help you to understand why your child is doing some of the activities he/she might talk about.