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Congratulations:To the Pacheco and Pratt families who were the lucky winners of Wal-mart gift cards. Thank you to all of the parents who filled out our parent engagement surveys.  


A Message From Mr. G 




Dear Parents/Guardians:


The month of May is extremely busy and time to help your children prepare for Grade 4 science performance exam, End of Year Benchmark assessments, and NYESLAT ! 


Please urge your children to do their very best.  Help keep them relaxed so they can concentrate and perform to the best of their ability. Remember, children need plenty of rest.  Make sure that they sleep at least eight hours a day before their exams.  This will keep them energized and ready to perform.  Thank You for your help!  Again, please encourage your children to “show what they know”~


Also coming up this month, our fourth and fifth grade students will present their District-wide Steel Band Tour.  It is always a pleasure to see the development they have made throughout the school year as they acquaint themselves with musical instruments. The concert is scheduled on May 25th   at 11:20am.  Please contact the school if you would like to attend.

Mr. G