Class Rules


    Home and Career Skills


    Ms. Cerrie



    1.    Sit in your chair, not on the tables.


    2.    Keep your hands to yourself and off others possessions.


    3.    No one should enter the kitchen area or closet without permission.


    4.    Please give presenter full attention.


    5.    You may use the bathrooms before class starts, or at the last 4 minutes of class.




    Failure to follow class rules will result in the following:


    1st time – Verbal Warning

    2nd time – Written warning and conference with teacher

    3rd time - After school detention that will include cleaning assignments and a call      to parents or guardian

    4th time – Sent to office with referral



    All students will be graded daily based on participation and cooperation.


    3- Student is in class on time and prepared to work without interruptions.

    2- Student is in class on time and/or is not prepared and has limited interruptions.

           1-Student is late for class and/or is not prepared and has many interruptions.

           0-Student is insubordinate or absent

    Homework Policy
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