• Hola estudiantes,
    You will be researching online and creating a PowerPoint presentation on the Spanish speaking country you picked.  Your presentation must include the following:
    1)   title page - Includes your names & the name of your country
    2)  country's flag - list the colors on the flag in Spanish 
    3)  map
    4) government - Who is the president or leader?
    5)  currency - (money used in that country) include the name and pictures
    6) food - show us at least 3 types of traditional foods / dishes from that country.  Explain the different ingredients in the dishes.  
    7) tourist attractions - museums, places to visit, cities, things to do.  Explain what tourists can do at the different attractions. 
    8) capital - List the country's capital and explain it's importance.    
    This is the grading sheet you will be using to grade each other's projects.  Be sure to review this while you and your partner are working together. 
    Here is an example of the country project.