• Grade Six
    6A Shining Stars
    English and Reading  - Mrs. Troche
    Social Studies and Reading- Mr. Ferro
    Math and Reading - Mrs. Hayes
    Science and Reading- Ms. Novelli
    Special Education- Ms. Gunther
    6B The Olympians
    Social Studies and Reading  - Mrs. Michalski
    English and Reading- Mrs. Merchant
    Math and Reading- Mrs. Flores
    Science and Reading- Mr. Quinn
    Grade Seven
    7A Terrific Tigers
    Science - Mrs. Karpe
    Math - Mr. Benz
    ELA - Ms. Mistretta
    Social Studies - Mr. Vandette
    Health - Mr. Green
    Technology - TBA
    ELL/AIS/ESL - Ms. Kester
    7B Marauders' Pride
    Science - Mr. Emerson
    Math - Mrs. Cooper
    ELA - Mrs. Cameron
    Social Studies - Mr. Westling
    Health - Mr. Green
    Technology - TBA
     ELL/AIS/ESL - Ms. Kester
    Grade Eight
    8A The M&M's
    Math- Mr. Kuczenski
    Science-Mr. Schmidt
    Social Studies- Mrs. Lutz
    English- Mr. Karpie
    Technology - Mr. Medema
    Home and Career Skills- Mrs. Cerrie
    8B The Bee's
    English- Mrs. Berghold
    Math - Mr. Piede
    Science- Mrs. Green
    Social Studies- Mr. Corbett
    Technology- Mr. Medema
    Home and Career Skills- Mrs. Cerrie 
    Special Education- Mr. Hanes
    Creative Team
    Art - Ms. DeBicki and Ms. 
    Music- Mrs. Levan and Mrs. Brock
    Physical Education- Mr. Cook, Mr. Burnside and Mrs. Fetterick
    Spanish- Mrs. Drollinger and Mrs. Potter
    French- Mrs. Carlson and Mrs. Czarnecki