• Geometry  – Course Outline

    Mrs. Alvira – Room 113




    Course Description - Students will study geometry based on the common core.


    Grading - Students will earn a numerical grade for the course.                


    Grades will be determined as follows:

    Tests/Quizzes              70%

    Homework                   20%

    Class Work                   10%   

                         TOTAL      100%



    • At least a 2in three ring binder divided in to three sections; notes, homework and quizzes/tests.
    • Pen or pencil and loose leaf paper


    Class Rules - All students are required to adhere to the following CLASS RULES:

       1. Punctual - Be on time.

       2. Prepared - Come to class with appropriate materials and work attitude.                                                                                                

       3. Participate – Join in class discussions and complete class work.

       4. Polite – Treat everyone with respect.

       5. Persevere – Give 100 % effort.        


    Homework- Homework will be assigned on a daily basis and graded accordingly.


    “what you practice… leads you to… what you learn”


    Attendance-Daily attendance is important for success. If you are absent YOU are responsible for making-up the work. A quiz or test can be made up with an excused absence. All work should be made up within two days of your return to school. Late work will not be accepted after a new unit has begun.


    Passes-Passes are issued at teacher discretion.


    Final Exam-Students will be given a regents exam in June. 


    Calculators-Each student will be assigned a calculator to use in class. Each student is responsible for the proper care and daily return of the calculator.


    My contact numbers are:   366 -9300 ext. 2113 or aalvira@dunkirkcsd.org