• Dunkirk Middle School and High School Band 2021-22




    Below is a listing of basic procedures in effect for the school year.  Should you have any questions, please do not assume, but ASKJ


    1.     All students are expected to be in Room 105 on or before the bell rings…not just in the music suite.  If not in the room, then you will be considered LATE for class.

    2.     All students should get their instruments (or mallets and percussion set) within the first two minutes of class ready to play with music in order.  A listing of which pieces will be written on the board at the beginning of each class by composer or title.


    3.     Each student is expected to have their instrument EVERY band day.  At the Middle and High School levels, there can be no excuses such as “I forgot.”  Points will be deducted from your quarter grade should this occur repeatedly.     

    1. All students registered for DHS Band are required to participate in one instrumental lesson per week.  HS lessons will be scheduled on a rotation through periods 2, 3, 4, 8, or 9.  If you have an exam or quiz for a class at the same time as a scheduled lesson, please come down to see me in Rm. 105 during homeroom and schedule a make-up lesson after school.  When a student does not show up for lessons, points will be deducted from their quarter grade.  I will not interrupt other classes to “find” students, please be responsible and get to lessons on time.  Students are given one week to make up any missed lessons because of illness from school or test/quiz conflicts.  Instrumental lessons will be a progression from whatever level a student is to the next benchmark level on an individual basis.   
    2. Students are required to attend all scheduled Dunkirk concerts for the school year. The Schedule is attached, please save it for future reference.  Some concerts may be added, but will be optional…such as playing Christmas tunes around the Holidays out in the community.  All students participating in optional concerts will receive bonus points toward their quarter grade.
    3. If you own your own instrument, please keep it in good repair.  If there is an emergency, such as broken instrument the day before a concert, please call me.  We have a repair person who has offered to do emergency repairs on an as needed basis.  REEDS, VALVE OIL AND MISCELLANEOUS SUPPLIES ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, NOT THE DIRECTOR’S OR THE DISTRICT’S!!!
    4. Routine practice and improvement is an expectation for this class.  This is a performance-based class which requires student at-home practice.   Practice sessions are homework and should include ensemble music AND lesson materials.


    8.     Concert Dress will be Concert Black…Black pants/Skirt and Black shirt.  Gentlemen should wear a tie.  Ladies should not wear skirts shorter than knee length when standing (especially if you sit in the front row!!!!) and modest ¾ to long-sleeved blouses (no décolleté or sleeveless).

    9.     All Percussionists are required to purchase one pair of 5B concert snare sticks.  Other percussion equipment is provided by the district.


    10.   All students are expected to treat myself and each other with respect.  Relentless teasing IS hazing, which will never be tolerated.  I consider this to be one of the safest places in the District to make a mistake in and would like to keep it that way.

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