• Question: What do we learn about in 7th grade math?

    Answer: We focus on 6 major topics, as outlined below. Each module will take approximately 20-25 days, including testing.


    Module 1: Ratios and Proportional Relationships

    Module 2: Rational Numbers

    Module 3: Expressions and Equations
    Module 4: Percent and Proportional Relationships
    Module 5: Statistics and Probability
    Module 6: Geometry
    Question: How will I be graded this year?
    Tests (40%): Two tests will be given for each module. The first will come half-way through the module. It is called the mid-module assessment. The second will come at the end of the module. It is called the end of module assessment. Tests will take a full period.
    Homework (30%): Homework completetion is a very important part of your success in this class. Remember, homework is not always about getting the questions right or wrong. The idea is to give each problem your best effort, show all of your work, and come into class ready to discuss and ask questions about the material.
    Quizzes (20%): Expect a weekly quiz on Fridays. Quizzes usually take about 20 minutes, and will focus on material we learned throughout the week. This will give me a chance to see what topic the students are doing well on and what topics may need some more review.
    In-Class Assignments/Participation (10%): It is very important to take part in the class lesson. This will help give the students a better understanding of the topic. If a student refuses to take part in the class points will be lost for the day. There will also be small in-class assignments that will be given peridocially and collected for a grade.