• Homework will start at the beginning of October. They will have homework everyday except weekends and holiday breaks and then I often provide optional work for them to complete.

    The students will have Skills and Math homework everyday Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Unless they have been absent and need to make up missed work they will not have these assignments on the weekend. If they do not finish their assignments at home please leave them in their communication folder as they may have an opportunity to complete at school, if they request.

    Take Home Reading is checked in on Friday and will then be given to the students so they can have the weekend and the following week to work on their reading homework. They need to have read for 5 nights in order to receive full credit. Please encourage fluency while reading as this is why they keep the same books all week.
    We will also be using Accelerated Reader so students will have the opportunity to take quizzes on books read in class, library books, or take home reading books.