Class Rules

Classroom Policies

  • Classroom Policy
    School 5 has three expectations for all of our students:
    1.  Be Respectful
    2.  Be Responsible
    3.  Be Safe
    We also follow these School 5 Rules:
    1. Raise hand to speak
    2.  Follow directions
    3.  Keep hands and feet to self
    4.  Use appropriate language
    5. Stay in designated area
    By working on these simple rules everyday, we are also working on becoming good role models and citizens of our community!
    Homework Policy

    Students are expected to complete nightly reading Monday through Thursday.  Nightly reading should be a minimum of 20 minutes of uninterrupted reading.  Math homework will also be given Monday through Thursday.  The math problem set will be sent home that can be used to assist parents and students with assigned homework.