Storytime in the library

Library Schedule

  • Each week your child will visit the library.  In Kindergarten and First Grade they will listen to a story and usually do an activity related to that story.  Please ask your child about the paper or craft they bring home on library day.  All the other classes come to the library each week to check out new books.  Occasionally they will hear a story, also.

    Your child is responsible for all books that he or she borrows from our library.  Lost or damaged books must be paid for.  I will send home overdue notices when books are more than one week overdue.  Please encourage your child to keep the books in a safe place.

    Our Kindergarten and 1st grade students leave their library books in school.  We are learning book care before allowing them to come home.


    Days your child's class visits the library and should return his/her books.

    Ms. Lang's 'Kindergarten -

    Mrs. Williams' Kindergarten - Tuesdays

    Mrs. Kernitz' Kindergarten - 

    Mrs. Bate's Kindergarten & 1st graders - 

    Mrs. Bautista's 1st grade - Thursdays

    Mrs. Crane's 2nd grade - 

    Mrs. Westling's 2nd grade - 

    Mr. Muscarella's 3rd grade - Mondays

    Mr. Damon's 4th grade - Thursdays

    Mrs. Damon's 5th grade - Thursdays

    Mrs. Gustafson's 5th grade - Tuesdays