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    Occupational Therapy Newsletter

    December Edition

    Dear Parents,

    The holiday season is here and we have a fun fine motor Reindeer themed game that kids of all ages will love to play! Reindeer Games is a great way to encourage fine motor skill development! Great for use in groups or individually.
    Through the use of these Fine Motor Challenges, the following will be encouraged:
            -promote and improve fine motor skills by performing a variety of hand movements with varying force.
            -provide opportunity for the promotion of in-hand manipulation and fine motor dexterity skills
            -improve eye-hand coordination skills
            -promote color recognition, matching skills, and awareness of patterns
    Fine Motor Skills involve the use of precise and coordinated movements of the fingers to perform hand use tasks. Fine motor skills are necessary for completing daily tasks such as dressing (using buttons/zippers), feeding (using mealtime utensils), being a student (using a pencil, keyboard, or scissors), and leisure/play activities (drawing, playing many musical instruments).


    Directions to Play:
    1. Child reads the instructions. An adult may have to assist with the reading and/or provide a demonstration of the fine motor reindeer game.
    2. The adult sets the stop watch/clock for one minute.
    3. The adult starts the timer and the child completes the “Reindeer Game” as indicated.
    4. The child can record the time to complete the task, or just record a check mark when the task is completed using the “Reindeer Games Tracking Form”.
    5. Complete additional trials if time allows (tracker lists 3 trials to record).
    6. The child completes the remaining “Reindeer Games” as indicated.

    We hope the children in your lives enjoy these Reindeer Games! 


    Dunkirk Occupational Therapy Team


    One Minute Fine Motor Challenges 

    Challenge #1   Hanging Candy Canes

    Materials Needed:

       -20 mini candy canes


    Set up:

       -Tape 2 candy canes ends together, so there is a hook at the bottom and the top


    1. Start timer.
    2. Pick up one candy cane assembly (2 taped together) in your non-dominant hand.
    3. Pick up another candy cane assembly and hang from the candy cane you are holding
    4. Continue for all the remaining 8 candy cane assemblies. (Note: Child may have to stand for this task)
    5. Stop timer and record time.


    Challenge #2    Candy Cane Assembly

    Materials Needed:

       -10 white beads

       -10 red beads

       -Pipe cleaner - 6 inches long

    Set up:

       -Place beads and pipe cleaner on table


    1. Start the timer.
    2. String white and red alternating beads along a pipe cleaner.
    3. Bend into the shape of a candy cane.
    4. Stop timer and record time.


    Challenge #3   Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

    Materials Needed:

       -Clear bottle/ container (water/pop bottle)

       -25 cotton balls or white pom-poms

    Set up:

       -Using the clear bottle, make a “Snowman” body.

    >use a sharpie and draw eyes, cut the ribbon for a scarf, cut paper for a nose.


    1. Start the timer.
    2. As fast as you can, take one cotton ball at a time and push into the container.
    3. Once all the cotton balls are inside the container, stop the timer and record the time.