• Module 1: Becoming Close Readers and Writing to Learn: Stories of Human Rights 

    Unit 1: Building Background Knowledge on Human Rights

    Unit 2: Case Study: Esperanza's Story

    Unit 3: Culminating Project: Readers Theater: Esperanza Rising, From Novel to Script


    Esperanza Rising Audio Recordings

    At times it may be helpful for your child to listen to parts of Esperanza Rising as they read along in their own novel. The audio recordings are to be used as a tool for understanding, and your child should do their very best to read along in their novel as they listen to the recording, and not just listen to the recording on its own.

    Chapter 1: Aguascalientes, Mexico

    Chapter 2: Las Uvas/Grapes

    Chapter 3 Las Papayas/ Papayas

    Chapter 4: Los Higos/Figs