• February 2019

    Forces, Motion, Pushes, Pulls & Gravity!

    At School #3, the Kindergateners have been exploring force and motion! They learned that there are two kinds of force, push and pull and all motion is caused by a force. For their first exploration, they created a simple machine called an incline plane. They rolled a marble through paint using their incline plane to create beautiful art! They wondered how the marble moved since we did not push or pull it, and learned that gravity is an invisible force that pulls things down! 

    Next, they learned that strength and direction of force effects the motion. They used straws to blow (push) air on paint. They learned that the amount of force they used to push the air through the straw affected how the colors crossed in their art!

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    January 2019

    Forces, Motions, & Magnets!

    Have you ever tried sliding on an icy surface, or running on the beach? It is much easier to slide on a slippery slope, this is because of friction. Friction is created when things are pulled past each other. At School #3, Mrs. Bozilerri's 3rd grade class explored the world of friction utilizing Mystery Science. For this investigation the students constructed ramps to test the different effects of friction on a smooth surface vs. a rough surface. The students wrapped objects in different material creating different surfaces and tested them on their ramps. The students then adjusted the ramp height to see if the slope would create a different outcome. The students all agreed the smoother material traveled a lot quicker! 

    "When I put the tape on, it went faster." -Johnessa


    These 3rd graders also explored the surprising properties of magnets and experimented with an invisible force that acts at a distance. The students were able to investigate hands-on with different types of magnets and explain how they pull to different objects. 

    "When we put a magnet underneath a sheet of paper it moved things on top." -Jehovonny

    "They can't get enough of magnets, that's all they want to talk about!" -Mrs. Bozilerri

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    Learning For All...Whatever It Takes! 

    Elementary teachers came out to kick-start STEM in the new year! Professional development is one of the most effective ways to support educators in learning new skills and concepts. Students are not the only ones learning, check out these teachers competively building and learning innovative ways to introduce the new science standards in their classrooms.

    Great teachers help create great students! 

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    Round 2: Teachers cannot get enough of STEM learning!

    Teaching Science-Technology-Engineering & Math (STEM) is much more than the content of those individual areas. It is teaching students to think effectively on their own to solve real world problems so they can become our future educators, engineers, researchers and leaders. Teachers were introduced to Code.org, a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding access to computer science in the classroom. Teachers were challenged to take the role of the students, build a sound foundation, and have it withstand the force of a text book for ten seconds. They also participated in coding unplugged understanding the fundational skills needed to be successful software developer.

    Dunkirk teachers take on any challenge and succeed! 

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