• We Kick-started our STEM professional development with sessions focusing on coding. We utilized the online resource Code.org and dived right into computer science. One awesome feature the website offers is the Hour of Code, a one-hour tutuorial designed for all ages. Teacher/students can choose from Dance Party, Minecraft, App Lab, & Flappy Code. Code.org is a free program so check it out at home!

    As part of the DCSD's STEM inititatives a challenge was sent out to the elementary & middle school principals to create a customized animated dance party! 

    Video 5 recieved the most votes! The principal who created the video was Mr. Genovese at School #3, Congratulations!


    Thank you to all the administrators for teaching our students it is fun to try something new! 

    Here are the creators of the dance videos! 

    Video 1 Mrs. Texter, School #4

    Video 2 Mrs. Farwell, Dunkirk Middle School

    Video 3 Mr. Boyda, School #5

    Video 4 Mrs. Meginnis, School #6

    Video 5 Mr. Genovese, School #3