• Homework!
    Monday-Thursday- Take home reading
    • Students are expected to complete nightly take home reading each night.  A book is provided to them but they may read a book they have at home as well.  Each students is required to read, draw a picture, and write a sentence for each book they read.  A gold star party is given at the end of each quarter for students who have completed nightly reading assignments.
    Tuesday- Spelling- Write each word 2x each
    • Each student will receive a list of spelling words at the beginning of the week.  Students can use this list to write each word 2 times each as well as to study for the spelling test at the end of the week. 
    - While homework is not given every night there may be nights where students will be asked to complete a math practice worksheet.  All homework is to be completed and returned the next day.  Homework notices will be sent home when multiple assignments are not completed.