•  Classroom Rules  

    1. Follow all Morning and Afternoon Procedures

    2. Respect all Adults And Fellow Students

    3. Follow directions the First Time they are Given

    4. Keep all Hands, Feet and Objects To Ourselves



    Birthday Celebrations   hdshd

    Feel Free to send in Birthday Treats if they are listed on the approved healthy treat page sent home and have been purchased from the store.

    If you are sending in Birthday Party invitations, please be sure there is enough for the whole class . If not, please mail the invites instead of handing them out in class. This avoids hurt feelings.

    Parents,  please make me aware of any dietary or religious restrictions your child may have that would stop them from participating in holiday celebrations.


    Snacks   dfjdif

    We do have snack time daily . Please have your child bring in a healthy snack with a filled water bottle. Only water is allowed in the bottles.

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