Kindergarten Homework
    Our school participates in a school wide take home reading program. In kindergarten we call ours  O.S.C.A.R. (Our School Cares About Reading).  An O.S.C.A.R. folder with parent information will be sent home once the program is announced to begin in our school. Daily completion is expected.
    In the beginning the children will take home books which are meant as a parent read aloud. These books appear easy however the students have not learned enough about sounds and sight words to carry it out independently yet. On the first reading they can listen as you read. If your child requests to read it  to you, than that should be encourage and feel free to tell them the words if they don't remember them. Later in the year roles will reverse. The children will be bringing home books that are meant for them to read to you. I will send home a letter alerting you of the change and suggestions to help your child as they read to you.
        Reading and math homework will be sent Mon -Thurs. Homework will reflect the lessons for the day in reading or math. Please feel free to call or send a note if you have any questions on how to do the homework as there are times when the presentation may look different than in the past school experiences.

    Thank you for your support.