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    Accelerated Reader (AR)        

    Hopefully many of you have heard your child speak of their

    AR tests, but may not really know what AR is all about. Here is a quick

    explanation of what AR entails and its rewards.

    The majority of books in our classrooms and in the library are AR books which means that a quiz is available for those books. The books are marked with a reading level so the students do not read a book neither too easy nor too hard for them.

    Once the child has finished the book, he or she takes a quiz on the computer. The quizzes are 5,10, and 20 multiple choice questions depending on the book's difficulty and length. The questions ask comprehension questions. Students must correctly answer a set number of questions in order to pass the quiz, for which they are given a percentage of points associated with the book. Points range from 0.5 for easy books to over 44 points for one of the Harry Potter books. The points accumulate and at the end of each quarter, prizes are awarded depending on how many points a student has earned.

    Also,  students will be able to attend a special "Gold Star Party" if, at the end of the quarter, the goal set by your child's teacher has been reached.  Please encourage your child to read, and then take the AR test if there is one available. Only good things come from reading.

    If you would like to see how your child is doing, check out this link:  https://global-zone08.renaissance-go.com/welcomeportal/22814