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    Welcome Mrs. Westling's Classroom Room 202

    All students have something to share!
     Second Grade is second to none, together we make learning FUN !

    Attention Students and Parents:
    Please check out the link below to Fastt Math, the login information is directly below the link
    • The first time you log in, type your zip code 14048 and click "OK"
    • Select your school district Dunkirk and click "OK"
    • Type your FASTT Math username and password Click "GO ON"
    • After your first log-in you will only need to type your FAST Math username and password and click "GO ON"

    Spanish Instructions:
    • La primera vez que inicie la sesion, meeanografie su eodigopostal-yhaga-eiieen-OK;
    • Seleecione el nombre de su distrilo escolar y haga clie en OK.
    • Mecanografiesu nombre de usuario y eontraseiia de FASTT Math.
    • Haga clie en Go On.
    • Oespues de inieiar la sesion por la primera vez, meeanografie su nombre de usuario eontraseiia de FAS7T Math y haga elie en Go On.

    Please feel free to contact me at 366-9300 ext. 4500 or at home at 366-2899. Email-dwestling@dunkirk.wnyric.org