• Mapping To The Core
    Dunkirk Elementary Schools have begun the process of mapping to the CCSS (or curriculum mapping). A cabinet was formed this summer and several teachers attended the Curriculum Mapping Institute for further training. If you are interested in helping this process by serving on the (Mapping To The Core) MTTC Cabinet, please contact Ed Hazen to express your interest.

    Your role as a teacher will be explained throughout the year, beginning with a short presentation on opening day. This year our broad goal is to UNPACK and TRANSLATE the standards.

    · Unpacking the Standards means getting to know the standards. Know where we have gaps and overlaps. Know what we are supposed to be teaching at each grade level.

    · Translating the Standards means putting them in our own words. What do they mean, how do we teach them and assess them?

    You will need to familiarize yourself with the new CCSS. To help facilitate this process:

    · You will be given grade level copies of the standards for Math and ELA

    · These standards have been put into a grade level chart with space for you to write in how you teach and assess the standards, and what resources are used.

    · Some online resources have been provided to help you through this process

    Some terminology and background to know…

    · MTC=Mapping To The Core
    · MTTC Cabinet=A group of teachers and administrators that represent all elementary buildings and grade levels K-5 (as well as special areas) that will meet regularly to work on all aspects of curriculum mapping implementation, components and process.
    · CCSS=Core Curriculum State Standards

    · When reading the CCSS:

    o The NOUNS become the CONTENT

    o The VERBS become the SKILLS