• Family Fun Night at School 5


    On Wednesday, February 14, School 5 over 50 students and parents participated in a Family Fun Night, sponsored by the PBIS committee (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support).  This month’s theme was the Winter Olympics.


    As families arrived at school they were given an Olympic scorecard, with each having a different country represented.  The games and other activities were listed inside, with a place for them to receive a stamp after completing each activity.


    As students entered the gym, they were greeted by members of the Upward Bound group, along with other volunteers, who assisted them with various Olympic games.  Students were able to speed skate around a rectangle in one area of the gym.  They also tried figure skating, complete with spins.  The skates were their socks.  In another area of the gym were the Luge and Bobsled races, where students raced against each other with their “sleds”.  Other games included hockey (using CDS as the hockey pucks), Ski Jump (long jump), Slalom skiing (racing around pylons), Mogul skiing (hopping side to side of a line), Olympic Ring Toss (attempting to land marshmallows inside the rings), Curling (trying to get coins inside a square) and Ski Jump Ball (rolling balls down a slope, hoping to have them land in a box). 


    The cafeteria was the site for cookie decorating – after all it was Valentine’s Day, too.  There were also 3 tables of crafts for the students to make.  A favorite was the Olympic Ring art, using the end of a tube and dipping it into paint, creating art with circles.  Students also colored and put together their very own mini- skiers, complete with skis and ski poles.  The third table was filled with mini-hearts which were glued to wreath shapes. 



    The next event sponsored by the PBIS committee will be the Elite Dinner on Wednesday, March 21 and the final Family Fun Night for this school year will be Wednesday, May 16.

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  • Specially recognized “ELITE” students were invited to a catered dinner at School 5.   Elite students are defined by both their peers and teachers as students who always represent their school at the highest level.  Each classroom nominated 2 students to be recognized as such.  Dinner was catered by teachers from School 5 as well as students from the high school participating in upward bound. 

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  • Family Game Night at Dunkirk Elementary School 5


                No cellphones, no tablets, no laptops…. just families gathering to play games together.  What a great way to spend an evening with no electronics.  Recently, students of Dunkirk Elementary School Five and their families participated in Family Game Night.  Over 120 people attended the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) committee sponsored event.  Several students from the Upward Bound program and staff members assisted at the various stations.

                Upon entering the cafeteria, students found many board games including Don’t Break the Ice, Candyland, Checkers, Trouble, Ants in the Pants, Yeti in My Spaghetti and other popular games.  Life-sized games were featured in the gymnasium for students and families.  Some of the more popular ones included Connect 4, Ker-plunk, Jenga, Twister and Hungry Hungry Hippos, with the children sliding in and out on scooters to gather balloons.  

                Students were able to create a butterfly snack to enjoy at another station.  They placed goldfish crackers, teddy grahams and grapes in a small baggie and used a clothespin with a cheese stick attached to it to form the butterfly.  

                The fifth grade bake sale was a huge hit and sold out within the hour.  The profit from this will help with their year-end class trip expenses.  

                The next PBIS Family Fun Night will be held Wednesday, February 14.  

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  • PBIS- Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
               PBIS is a school-wide approach to behavior management which emphasizes prevention and positive modeling. We believe that positive school environments are the most effective learning environments. Since implementing PBIS to build a school-wide proactive, positive culture for both students and staff, we have seen academic gains for ALL students. PBIS allows us to continue to improve our school by building on our strengths.
              School 5 is a PBIS school, and we have made great behavioral and academic growths since adapting PBIS into our building. We have implemented a School 5 logo, Cool Tools for teachers and parents, monthly pep rallies, and a school pledge! Please click on the links to the left of this page to check some of these things out!

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