• Classroom Activities

    Mr. Green's Race Cars 2011
    Watch the highlights from the 2011 tournment.
    Read all about 8th grade ELA lessons as Mr. Karpie updates his website daily.
    In seventh grade science students extracted the DNA from a banana.
    Sixth grade students learn ELA the fun way.
    Students in Ms. Weidner's art class create the most visually stunning pieces of art work.  Some examples are posted on her web site. 
    Students in eight grade technology make carbon dioxide race cars using the band saw and other wood shop tools.  After painting and customizing the cars the students compete in a bracket style tournament to find the fastest car.
    Students in seventh grade science with Mr. Drollinger learn about chemical reactions by making elephant toothpaste.  This is a must see video!
    Eight grade science covers the topics of chemistry and physics.  One important standard is chemical changes.  Don't try this at home!
    All sixth grade students are enrolled in 10 weeks of home and career skills.  In the class the students can become certified babysitters, learn about the community and career choices.  Click the link to see pictures from the guest speakers from the hospital.
    Students were asked to create stories about animal adaptations.
    On April 18, 2008 Dunkirk Middle School joined forces with students at SUNY Fredonia to put on a math and science night for the students.  Everyone learned just how fun mathematics and science can be.