• A Buddy Beside Me As I Read…
      “A Buddy Beside Me as I Read,” is a program developed by Dr. Cathy Collins of Texas.  This technique not only helps to build fluency through the repeated practice of reading aloud but also helps children with their understanding of the story.
    In this approach, the children are paired together and given a book.  Each child has his or her own copy of the book. Child (A) will read the first two to three pages aloud. His/her partner, Child B will summarize what those pages are about. This helps Child B to be engaged with the text as his/her partner reads it aloud. Child A will then ask a question from the text for Child B to respond to. This helps Child A to ‘visualize’ what he or she is reading as he/she reads aloud.  Child B, after answering the question and finding the sentence(s) that supports his/her answer will then make a prediction. Then they read the next 2-3 pages aloud and the process begins over with the readers changing roles.
    Mr. Thompson's 5th grade class pairs up with Mrs. Csont's kindergarten class once a week.