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    Want to go to Europe? Join us in 2019 as we head back to London and Paris! 
    (11 November, 2017 I SAW THE QUEEN AT BUCKINGHAM!!!)
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    Join us for Spring Break 2019 as we spend 5 days touring London, then take the Eurostar under the English Channel to Paris for another glorious 6 days exploring all that Paris has to offer! 
    For more details, click the link: "Eurotrip 2019" in the column to the left.
    OR, if you're ready to commit, click the link below to go straight to the EFTours website. It only takes $50 to sign up for Autopay, and you can choose monthly or bi-monthly payments--or pay a $50 surcharge and go Manual Payments (add money when you have it)!
      Click this little box for a link to the Dunkirk Tennis Team's apparel store and help us raise $$ for the Boys and the Girls Tennis teams!