• Welcome to Mrs. Pasquale's Math Page! 
    It's Wednesday  !!
    3rd day of remote learning at the HS comin' at you .....
    I'm still missing a few students in my Google classroom classes,
    be a good friend...ask your friend if they are on-line with ALL their teachers :)
    Have an awesome day !!!!
    Please be aware information will be coming at you quickly, you MUST sign up for EACH teacher's
    Google classroom :) Codes below are for my various classes, it depends on your class period so look at your schedule :)

    Pasquale’s Google Classroom Codes for 2020 -2021

    Period 1 ~ Algebra B

    Period 1

    Class code:     kjumk5k

    Period 3 ~ Geometry

    Period 3

    Class code:   amog7go

    Period 5 ~ Honors Geometry

    Period 5

    Class code:  ysomjsi

    Period 6 ~ Geometry

    Period 6

    Class code: rt72ora

    Period 8 ~ Algebra B

    Period 8

    Class code:   djlxdpm

     Period 9 ~ Geometry

    Period 9

    Class code:  mt5pzce

    Zooming Monday for periods 1 - 4, times and codes will be posted in classroom
    Be Smart, Be Safe, Spread LOVE !
    New work DAILY in Google Classroom !!!!!!!!
    Hopefully if you click on the link below it will bring you to a graphing ccalulator if you don't have one :)
    Please sign in to google classroom under the correct class code (codes below)
    Know I'm thinking of all of you :)
    please, please contact me if you haven't already!
    Working in the Math !
    Should you have any questions please email me at my school email or my google email as I will attempt to look at that daily :) 
    Remember keep practicing good personal hygiene....
    WASH your hands often, sneeze/cough into a tissue, then throw it away !  
    STAY home if you are sick.
    Laugh and be grateful :) Look for the "hiding" positives ! Love to you all :) <3 


    Go to your google email :) I have invited you to your class
    Feel Free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at:
     google email:    rpasquale@g.dunkirkcsd.org