• Welcome to Mrs. Pasquale's Math Page! 
    Sunday ! Funday ! Please have some fun today,
    great creative but not crazy LOL ! :)
    Great hearing from so many of you, makes me miss you even more !
    ALL packet keys are up for your review. Do NOT lose packet they will be collected when we return.
    You NEED to sign onto google classroom, and use the following codes. 
    New packet comong sooooooooon :)
    (don't get too excited LOL)
    We are stuck doing it this way for a bit.....
     We will figure this out together :),
    I'm sure I'll struggle more than you...
    Please sign-up for google classroom, you should've recieved an email from me 
    REMINDER: Google classrooms need your school email gmail :)
    no personal emails allowed....
    Geometry Classroom Code:  w l n a l o s  (no spaces, i did for clarity)
    Algebra B Classroom Code: y f 4 s b u h (no spaces, i did for clarity)
    I also have a remind account.....
    just another option to get in touch with me
    Geometry code is:    @rpasquale
    Algebra code is:    @aca6k8
    I miss you guys terribly :(
    Know I'm thinking of all of you :)
    Thank you, thank you to all who have contacted me !
    Working in the Math !
    Should you have any questions please email me at my school email or my google email as I will attempt to look at that daily :) 
    Remember keep practicing good personal hygiene....
    WASH your hands often, sneeze/cough into a tissue, then throw it away !  
    STAY home if you are sick.
    Laugh and be grateful :) Look for the "hiding" positives ! Love to you all :) <3 


    Go to your google email :) I have invited you to your class
    Feel Free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at:
     google email:    rpasquale@g.dunkirkcsd.org