• Welcome to Mrs. Pasquale's Math Page! 
    Happy Happy Monday !!
    Wow this is coming to an end.....
    This will be my last update until Summer School Starts.....
    Please please make sure you get and "old" work complete and submit to me :)
    Last day of classes for all of you is June 9th
    I so wish our year didn't have to end this way :(
    I hope all of you enjoy your summer !
    No Zoom today, but if you need 1 on 1 tutoring, please email me :)
    Be Smart, Be Safe, Spread LOVE !
    Summer School will be online this summer, regents credit on
    regents baring classes is available, please please if you
    did not pass a regents class during the school year,
    sign-up for Summer School when the time comes :)
    District has a calendar up for all important dates,
    like locker clean out, finished work drop off :)
    dunkirkcsd.org   scroll down to District Announcements and 
    click on the correct calendar.
    4th quarter grade will be a U, S or E
    Last day for students is Tuesday the 9th of June
    Just so you know it will be 3 different assignments this week,
    2 next week followed by 3 more and then a catch up 2 days...
    Some of you are so behind...please do some work for me :)
    remember I will Zoom with you to help :)
    I am here for you !
    MLJ 2  
     I am here to help :) I truly care about all of you
    email me and we can set up Zoom (face to face over the internet) tutoring
    New work DAILY in Google Classroom !!!!!!!!
    Hopefully if you click on the link below it will bring you to a graphing ccalulator if you don't have one :)
    Please sign in to google classroom under the correct class code (codes below)
    REMINDER: Google classrooms need your school email gmail :)
    no personal emails allowed....
    Geometry Classroom Code:  w l n a l o s  (no spaces, i did for clarity)
    Algebra B Classroom Code: y f 4 s b u h (no spaces, i did for clarity)
    I also have a remind account.....
    just another option to get in touch with me
    Geometry code is:    @rpasquale
    Algebra code is:    @aca6k8
    Know I'm thinking of all of you :)
    please, please contact me if you haven't already!
    Working in the Math !
    Should you have any questions please email me at my school email or my google email as I will attempt to look at that daily :) 
    Remember keep practicing good personal hygiene....
    WASH your hands often, sneeze/cough into a tissue, then throw it away !  
    STAY home if you are sick.
    Laugh and be grateful :) Look for the "hiding" positives ! Love to you all :) <3 


    Go to your google email :) I have invited you to your class
    Feel Free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at:
     google email:    rpasquale@g.dunkirkcsd.org