Dunkirk City Schools is lead educational agency for the PTECH grant, submitting the application on behalf of a consortium of school districts throughout region with Erie 2-Chautauqua-Cattaraugus BOCES as the implementation agency. The LoGuidice Campus will house the program in its initial years and will permanently move to Dunkirk City School District PTECH Academy (School #6) in September 2017.

    The WNY PTECH STEM College & Career Academy is being designed to be a college campus within an educational center. A building is being prepared to house the program and support PTECH educational philosophies and learning styles. This is a six-year commitment for students and their school districts, as students remain enrolled in their home districts for the four years of high school, plus an additional two years for the AAS degree. Students completing the program will earn a NYS Regents Diploma from their home district, at the same time they earn an AAS degree from Jamestown Community College.

    Under the guidelines of the state, the programs must be structured for students to come together on the first day of their freshman year, with no new students added to the cohort over the six-years.

    The PTECH WNY STEM College & Career Academy will offer a place-based, differentiated learning culture with specialized educators working in tandem with higher education, business partners and component school districts to support students as they obtain a NYS Regents Diploma and a Jamestown Community College AAS degree in Mechanical Technology (with specializations available in Design Specialization or Machine Tooling) or Welding Technology.

    A cornerstone of this program is additional hours of instructional time designed to introduce students to industries in the region, project-based learning, career exploration and industry terminology, standards and employment soft skills. High-rigor STEM curriculum will be taught in a connected, collaborative environment, integrated with hands-on learning using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Students will participate in job-shadowing and internship experiences throughout the program. Students will utilize 1:1 technology integrated in their educational program.

    Jamestown Community College has committed a reduced tuition rate (not paid by student or family), advisors and career specialists, all student resources offered to all students as well as the utilization of an advanced manufacturing learning lab.

    Business entities and their membership have pledged guidance, mentors and work-based learning opportunities. This program concentrates on the advanced manufacturing industries, which have experienced consistent growth and expansion in the region. These companies are seeking qualified employees who are fluid in technology, adaptable to change, and able to think on their feet. This program will create “high-tech manufacturing athletes of the future” to help companies continue to grow and innovate. At the same time, it will engage young people at risk in exciting college and career pathways geared toward good careers and futures within our region and the global economy.

    Considerations for Enrollment: 
    • Currently enrolled as 8th grade student
    • Good academic standing
    • Demonstrated interest in STEM
    • Letter of recommendation from a district teacher
    • Completion of application by family and local school district
    • Discipline record subject to review
    Ideal Candidates for the WNY PTECH STEM College and Career Academy
    • Interest in the real world applications of math and science
    • Ability to respectfully communicate and work with others
    • Motivated to learn in a challenging work environment
    • Interest in using technology to research and acquire new information
    • Willingness to learn in a non-traditional classroom environment
    • Desire to learn time management, collaboration and problem-solving skills
    • Students who want to go to college, but feel they will not
    • Excellent work ethic
    • Home District PTECH commitment

    Young Women in STEM

     Are you a young lady interested in knowing more about college and career opportunities in STEM? Do you think PTECH might be for you? Well then you're in luck! Chautauqua County has a coalition of members working to raise awareness and create opportunities for young ladies to explore STEM. Sponsoring events include:
    • Cummins Women in STEM night - October 27, 2016 from 6-8pm at Cummins Jamestown Engine Plant
    • Young Women in STEM Q&A panel at STEM Wars 2017 on March 15th
    • Summer STEM programming through the Girl Scouts facilitated in Dunkirk High School
    • Summer STEM Programming at JCC's North and South county locations
    • Tech Savvy - Hosted at University at Buffalo
     There is also a social media page dedicated to Young Women in STEM in Chautauqua County: https://www.facebook.com/chautauquacountyyoungwomeninstem/
     For more information on the WNY PTECH STEM College & Career Academy, please contact: PTECH Director William Smock at: wsmock@dunkirkcsd.org