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    picture of Earth and moon

    Welcome to Ms. Garver's classroom!

      I have been teaching Earth Science at Dunkirk High School for a couple years.

    I truly enjoy working here.  The students at Dunkirk make my job a fun experience!

    Earth Science is a reading intensive course.  Students are encouraged in my classroom to find answers in resources we have learned to use.

    Our biggest resource is the Earth Science Reference Tables (ESRT).  I tell students from the very beginning that the ESRT is their friend, and they need to get to know it!  

    I give every student a copy of the tables, but many either lose them or leave them in my classroom to ensure they won't misplace them.  I have included a link to the tables for home use.






Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Garver

My certification is in 7th & 8th grade science as well as Earth Science.  Although 7th & 8th graders are tons of fun to work with, my passion is in Earth Science.

Interest in Earth Science began for me in the military.  I was a weather Observer in the Marine Corps.  I have lived in the Mojave desert where the temperatures are in the triple digits most of the summer, and also in North Dakota where winter wind chills can reach as low as negative 70!!  Here at home the weather fun is all about the lakes! Lake effect weather was always something I missed when in the desert or what seemed like the artic tundra!

After I moved back home I went back to school as an adult learner. I received an associate's from JCC in Geology & math in 2000.  I finished a bachelor's in management in 2004.  management was not what I wanted to do as a career, so I went after another bachelor's.  This degree is in Earth Science from SUNY Fredonia.  I continued on at Fredonia and earned a degree in the Masters in the Art of Teaching in 2009.

I was hired as an Earth Science teacher at Dunkirk in the Fall of 2015.