Mrs. Farwell
  • Greetings Dunkirk Middle School Families!


    I hope everyone is safe and healthy!  As many of you have heard,  Governor Cuomo has continued the “New York on Pause” order until May 15th.  That means the school building is closed but instruction will continue remotely. Students are still in school as school has not been cancelled.  Teams have been working hard trying to connect with students to engage them in remote learning.  Please refer to the packets that were sent home recently as it contains your child’s team learning schedule.  Listed below is some information that will be helpful to you in supporting your child during this time.




    On Tuesday, April 14th we handed out Chromebooks to all grade levels. If you find that you are in need of one, please call 366 - 9300, ext *3380 or come by DMS any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between the hours of 9 am to 12 pm.




    We realize that there are students who may not have access to the internet in their homes.  The district has provided hotspots in each building that students may use to complete their school work.  The Middle School’s hotspot is located in the parking lot off of 6th street.  Information for this was included in the packet that was sent home with the Chromebook that your child was assigned. Spectrum and DFT are offering free internet during this time and they may be contacted at the following numbers: 


    Spectrum - 855 - 243-8892

    DFT - 716 -  673 - 3000


    Instructional Packets


    Students who have completed their school work may bring their instructional packets to the main office on the same day and times as listed above in the Chromebook section.  There is a table located in the visitor entrance with boxes labeled for each team.  Students just need to place their work in that box with their team name on it.  Parents, if you child will always need paper materials, then please call 366 - 9300, ext. *3380.  New instructional material will be available every two weeks.  We are tentatively planning our next round on May 4, 2020; there will be more information to come soon.




    Teachers are independently assessing student work and will continue to do so until the district has chosen a common grading rubric. As a district, we are taking our time in developing this rubric so that it is fair, equitable and flexible to meet the needs of our students.  Therefore it is important that students complete the work that is assigned and seek out help when needed.  Each team has office hours and a teaching schedule so that your child can seek out help. Team teaching schedules are located on our DMS Homework page at  Teachers are available from 8am - 3pm, Monday through Friday.  You may reach out to teachers outside of these hours but you will need to give them time to get back to you.  Please remember that many of our staff are teaching their own children at home too, so we all have to be flexible. 




    The Liberty Partnership Program will be offering virtual tutoring to any students who are interested.  Tutoring is free and you don’t have to be part of  LPP to join.  Please complete the survey that is linked at  I will also be pushing out this survey through DoJo, Facebook, and through your child’s teachers.  Once the survey is completed your child will be contacted through their district email account with more information.  Information will also be located on DoJo and our webpage in the near future.  




    Parents, the faculty and staff at DMS appreciate all that you are doing to support your child from home.  Please support us as much as you can by helping your child stick to the schedule that your team provided.  Team Schedules are located on our DMS Homework page which is located at  Parents, please look at your child’s team letter and the Creative Team letter as each letter contains important information. If you did not get a second packet, then please call the main office. Please support your child as much as you can  and remember that a teacher is just an email away.  

    No one ever expected that school would be conducted remotely.  I know I speak for the faculty and staff at DMS when I say “we miss everyone!”  DMS parents have always been supportive in the past and we really appreciate the extra support that parents are having to give at this time.  Please contact me at 716 - 366 - 9300, ext. *3380 or at, if you have any questions or concerns.

    For the Children,


    Rebecca Farwell


    Dunkirk Middle School


Last Modified on April 22, 2020