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    Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year! 

    Mrs. Julie C. Brueckl - MS Childhood Special Education 


    This year marks my 19th year teaching. Being certified in both elementary education and special education it has allowed me to wear different hats during my career. I have worked as a general education (grade 6 classroom teacher), a special education self-contained classroom teacher (K-2 6:1:1), a co-teacher (grade 5 ela/math), and a special education resource room teacher/special education consulant teacher for grade k-5. 

    *I am excited to continue my stay at  School 7 and work as a special ed consultant teacher/resource room teacher at the primary level (grades k-2).  

    What is a special education teacher? 

    The main role of a special education teacher is to provide instruction and support which facilitates the parcipation of students with disabilities in the regular classroom. Plus, to serve as the case managers and are responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the students' IEP. 

    What is a Consultant Teacher?

     - a special education teacher that is reponsible for all IEP mandates for each of their assigned students. 

    - consultant teacher push into classrooms to assure that each student receive the specific minutes of direct/indirect support as stated in their IEP. 

    -ensure all test modifications are met for each student

    -work closely with the general education teacher to ensure maximum success for each of their students

    -work with student both individually and in small groups

    - keep parents informed on students' learning progress

    - are the gate keepers, the advocates, the case managers, the person you can contact at any time to discuss concerns and or questions about your child's progress.

    - make it their job to get to know each of their students and bring that information to the CSE meetings.

    -aside from the parent/guardian - consultant teachers will be your child's best advocate.


    What is the purpose of a resource room?

     - resource room is both for students who qualify for special education services who need some specialized instruction in an individualized or small group (no more thatn 5 students) for a period of the day. Individual needs are supported in resource rooms as defined by the students IEP. 


    I look forward to another great year! Feel free to contact me at any time via the below methods: 



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