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Attendance and Virtual Student Expectations


Please call the front office when your child is going to be out. You may also email Ms. Kaminski at Doctor offices may also email Ms. Kaminski or fax us notes at 716 - 366 - 9357.

Special Area Classes

Special area classes include PE, Health, Music, Art, Technology, Computer Technology, Family and Consumer Sciences, Character Ed (6th Grade) and Foreign Language (6th Grade). Many students have not joined these classes after the first week of school. These classes are not an option and do count as part of our academic program. Please check with your child to see if they are registered. All students have PE and the other classes happen at different times of the year. Please call and ask to speak to a counselor if you are unsure of what is on your child's schedule.

Student Expectations and Student Schedules

Mr. Pierce and Ms. Farwell created the following video to explain student expectations for virtual learning.  In addition, we explain how a student schedule works.  

Virtual Learning Expectations and Attendance Expectations Video