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DHS girls making history one kick at a time

   Juniors Jordan Francis and Olivia Surma, extra-point kickers, are the first girls to score points as members of the DHS Class B football team. They each scored two points in the Sept. 15 game against East Aurora.
   “They have been working out with the team since January,” said Mr. Sarratori, Head Coach of the football team. “They go to team dinners. They do everything in practice besides hit.”
   Extra point kickers go on the field to kick the extra point after a touchdown and are not tackled.  Surma said it would be a “major penalty” if they were tackled.
   Both girls were soccer players last year. Francis said Coach Sarratori asked them to join the football team.
   Initially, they didn’t want to be on the team.
   “At first I said no, we both said no. But, we thought about it and thought it would be fun,” Surma said.
   Francis said that she used to be a dancer, while Surma said that she still danced today.
   Being a former dancer gives her an advantage as a kicker, said Francis. “When you kick, your leg goes up really high.”
   Adrien Washington, sophomore, offensive and defensive lineman, said “They had really good kicks, put points on the board and are part of the family just like any other teammate.”
   Both girls agreed that communication among the team is the biggest challenge.
   “We have separate locker rooms,” Surma said. The girls’ locker room is located down the hall from the boys’ locker room.
   Surma said that sometimes the boys will go out onto the field and we don’t know that they left. Since all the coaches are male, no coaches can come and “help put the uniforms on before the game.”
   They have received constant congratulations from both DHS fans and opponent’s fans after games.
   Parents of the opposing team also make efforts to congratulate us, Francis said.
   They both are very glad they said yes to the offer of joining the football team.
   “It’s been really fun,” Surma said.
   Jordan added that “they have all been very accepting.”
   The varsity football team is currently undefeated. Tonight's home game against Olean starts at 7:30.

By Nichaela Cave & Keirsten French
The Citizen Staff Writers

Submitted courtesy of The Citizen