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Hispanic heritage celebration set for Oct. 16

By Taylor Rancka
The Citizen Staff Writer

  Hispanic Heritage night will be held Monday, October 16th throughout DHS from 6-8 pm.
   The night begins in the lobby, moves to the gym for dancing and guest speakers and ends in the cafeteria for a buffet of food.
   “We're hoping that Mayor Rosa's will be able to be our keynote speaker, do a speech or something to our students and families,” Mrs.Henry said Mrs.Henry, who is DHS’s ENL guidance counselor.
   “The school is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Night due to the large population of hispanic students. We feel that they might not get all the recognition they deserve,” she added. She also included that the school wanted to celebrate their culture.
   ”We're going to have dancing from our students, there going to be tables that celebrate the different countries, then we're also going to end the night with food provided from some of our hispanic teachers and families,” she said.
   Mrs. Henry is new to our district, as is Pablo Alvira, the new Hispanic Outreach Liaison.
   “We want all the kids know the importance about our Hispanic heritage -- about our traditions, our food, where we come from,” Alvira said.
  “Pablo’s actually our outreach coordinator for the My Brother Keeper’s grant, and so he has been reaching out to families.” She said “he's been in the community posting flyers, building up the event so we could have a lot of people here,” Henry said.