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DA Patrick Swanson discusses county concerns with students

By Nichaela Cave and Amaya Casey

The Citizen Staff Writers

   District Attorney Patrick Swanson visited DHS on Nov. 2 to speak to Mr. Burnett's and Mr. Robertson's senior classes on county-wide issues facing young people today.

   “What concerns me is our [county] drug problem. If there were an easy solution, we’d be doing it.” 

   He added that “users need help not jail."
 “We have Narcan now which is great, but it is not solving any problems.” Narcan is a drug used to counteract the effects of a heroin overdose.

   He also commented on the importance of making wise choices.

   “Very few events that happen, happen randomly,” he said. When robberies or shootings occur, he said, the victims are often involved with wrong people. “It’s easy to make bad choices, to find yourself around the wrong person at the wrong time."

   He emphasized that students should do the right things and keep doors open for opportunities.
 He said he looks at the ethical side of everything he does.
   “I feel like I’m where I need to be right now.”

   Swanson grew up in Sherman and “was a high school teacher for about four years before going to law school.” He has been the county DA since 2016.

Photo by Amaya Casey