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Chautauqua County Board of Elections visits DHS

By Keirsten French
The Citizen Staff Writer

Dunkirk students don't have to go to Mayville to register to vote today. With the help of Rick Mekus and Judith Einach, Chautauqua County Election Clerks, students can register right down the hall from their classes at Dunkirk High School.

"We are here to get any one turning 18 by the end of the year to vote," Mekus said.

"We think it's everyone's civic responsibility to vote," Einach added. 

Social studies teacher Mike Burnett helped organize the registration event.

"We want to give students the opportunity to participate in their civic responsibility, and registering today is the first key to becoming a voter. Now, all they have to do is show up to the polls and vote," Burnett said.

Photo by Adam Nobbs

In the photo, Judith Einach, Chautauqua County Elections Clerk, shows Senior Tyrese Kristan-Johnson how to fill out the voter registration form.