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Students rally behind National Walk-Out Day

Today, March 14, is National Walk-Out Day in our country. Many local school districts are participating in this day to honor those students killed in the Parkland, Florida shooting. Many DHS students want to show their support for this event for a variety of reasons.

Sophomore Angeliz Vargas said that they day ”It’s a memorial for the people who died. I feel like they should be respected for what another child couldn’t respect them for.”

Senior Noah Sobilo wanted to be part of the walk out to become “part of a memorial for all the kids that passed away” during the Florida shooting. He said that students have the responsibility to alert an adult in the school if they learn of a possible threat to students.

Senior Darnell Butts said that students are walking out “to prove a point that people have to speak up for these problems. We’re getting involved in something bigger than ourselves.”

Senior Gabe Hyde-Cruz said “it’s important that this school community participates with tragedies that other school communities went through.”

Karleigh Kryzanowicz, sophomore, said that she is going to partake in the walkout “to support other schools in the accident that occured.”

Monica Pokoj, junior, chose to be part of the walk-out because “it’s important to remember what happened. Those lives shouldn’t go unnoticed; they had a life ahead but now it’s taken away.”

Mya Torres, sophomore, said "It is bad that people are shooting in schools. I don't want more people killed."

Sam Smith, senior, believes showing support is vital.  “I want to support the 17 victims in the Valentine’s Day shooting.”

Mackenzie Gugino, junior, is showing her support in the walk-out. “I feel the kids that died need some recognition and they can’t go unnoticed.”

Gina Salerno, freshman, is participating in the walk-out “to protest the gun laws and to remember the people who died.”

Stephanie Soto, senior, said the National Walk-Out is important “because something has to be done, and people were saying they would do something but they don’t.”